Upstream Introduces Ocean AI to Enhance Cybersecurity Operations

Upstream Security today launched its advanced Generative AI capabilities, Ocean AI, enabling effective cybersecurity risk remediation. Upstream currently monitors millions of connected vehicles and IoT devices globally, and billions of API transactions monthly, ingesting massive and diverse cyber and product-related datasets. Upstream's Ocean AI is built into the Upstream mobility detection & response platform (M-XDR), enabling OEMs and IoT vendors to efficiently analyze massive amounts of cyber alerts and data, detect patterns, accelerate cybersecurity operations, and automate investigations.

Upstream's Ocean AI enables customers to ask straightforward conversational and natural language (NLP) questions to obtain answers from the massive data sets analyzed by Upstream's M-XDR. Based on large language models (LLMs), Ocean AI analyzes data from myriad sources and mobility assets, making connections between otherwise siloed data to offer a comprehensive view, delivering unprecedented efficiencies and optimizations to the mobility or vehicle SOC.

Ocean AI is able to draw complex insights and perform sophisticated investigations directly on top of Upstream's digital twin, a near real-time representation of the state of the asset. Based on the enriched data in the digital twin, Ocean AI can offer easy and effective access to external data sources such as IP blacklists, weather information, road conditions, and more. Ocean AI also enables integrating threat intelligence data feeds to expand risk assessments.

With these newly introduced GenAI capabilities, SOC analysts and cybersecurity researchers can optimize alert filtering, handling, and prioritization; they can make smarter, more informed decisions, identify patterns and trends and ultimately accelerate time-to-response. Leveraging Upstream's advanced GenAI capabilities, cyber teams will become more effective and expedient in both understanding and responding to cyber risks and threats.

Yoav Levy, Upstream's CEO and Co-Founder: "GenAI is fast becoming a powerful tool in the hands of hackers, enabling them to identify and exploit vulnerabilities faster than ever before and perpetrate fleet-wide attacks. Based on our recent findings, we've seen that in 2023 the proportion of cyber incidents with the ability to impact millions of connected vehicles, IoT devices, and mobility assets dramatically doubled to nearly 50%. This calls for a new mindset for the entire automotive and smart mobility ecosystem. With Ocean AI, our GenAI-powered query layer built into our M-XDR platform, we're empowering cybersecurity teams with the tools to fight cyber attacks in the next generation of the mobility and vehicle SOC."

Transforming SOC investigations and operations with Gen AI

Orit Gross, Upstream's Senior Director of Product explains: "Upstream's M-XDR delivers a multi-layer approach to protecting connected vehicles and the smart mobility ecosystem against evolving cyber risks. SOC teams are now challenged with analyzing and investigating hundreds and even thousands of alerts across very large fleets and analyzing a flood of data streams from across the entire ecosystem including vehicle data, telematics, API traffic, IoT data, and more. GenAI capabilities have become a strategic piece of the SOC technology stack and Upstream's Ocean AI helps dramatically reduce the complexity of investigations and time-to-remediation."

Key features of Upstream's M-XDR layered with GenAI include:

•Risk Analysis - Ocean AI helps identify and analyze relevant historical data, such as the number of weekly cybersecurity alerts over a given period, automatically identifying patterns and anomalies.

•Alert Filtering & Prioritization - Ocean AI enables to easily track the severity of alerts, identifying trends and sudden spikes in high-severity alerts, which is crucial for prioritizing cybersecurity responses. Additionally, it enables getting in-depth insights into specific types of alerts, such as those related to unauthorized over-the-air software updates, highlighting security risks.

•Investigation & Automation - leveraging Ocean AI, SOC teams can significantly improve investigations and automate SOC workflows using conversational chat, saving time and resources and ensuring fast time-to-security.

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