Mile Revolutionizes Publisher Revenue with AI-Powered Dynamic Flooring

Mile, a leading sell-side advertising technology company, is transforming the way publishers monetize their ad inventory with the launch of its AI-Powered Dynamic Flooring. Designed for global publishers, this innovative solution leverages machine learning to automate floor pricing within the Prebid stack.

With AI-Powered Dynamic Flooring, publishers can optimize yield by applying price floors in real time based on historical buying patterns & inventory performance. The machine learning model analyzes site-specific data like the audience, geo, ad unit, device, browser, etc., to determine the value of an impression and set optimal floors. This saves publishers from selling their ad inventory at lower prices and ensures better fill rates.

Once the flooring module goes live, the model continuously refines itself through a feedback loop, adjusting floors in real-time based on bid performance. Within a four-minute window, the model applies, observes, and revises the floors for every auction across devices, browsers, geographies, and more based on its performance. Constant monitoring helps in creating a balance between revenue uplift and bidding activity.

Early adopters have been experiencing a ~21% increase in Prebid RPM (On floored vs Control Group) and a ~17% increase in Prebid CPM (On floored vs Control Group). One such leading publisher saw their Prebid revenue jump from 10% to 21% in just six weeks, showcasing the impact of the solution.

Publishers often find themselves confused between dynamic floor pricing solutions and Unified Pricing Rules (UPR) in Google Ad Manager (GAM). However, it is essential to highlight that using Prebid to pass floor values in the bid request is the most efficient way to convey the inventory's value to bidders. This approach enables upstream partners to target campaigns that precisely match the bid request, allowing them to adjust their bid responses accordingly.

By adopting this method, publishers can ensure better alignment between their inventory value and bidder expectations, leading to optimized campaign targeting and improved revenue outcomes.

To help publishers maximize their revenue from partners connected via Prebid, Mile is proud to introduce its AI-powered Dynamic Flooring technology. "This innovative solution ensures the highest bids and gives publishers greater control over their inventory and pricing," said Vijay Kumar, Founder and CEO of Mile.

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