TestPlant Releases Advanced Version of Robotic Test Tool eggPlant

TestPlant has released the latest and most advanced version of the robotic test tool, eggplant v11. eggPlant is a robotic testing tool that designs a visual representation of screens and GUIs which helps software test engineers in automating screen testing via ‘search and compare’.

The testing technique is completely non-invasive which makes it an extremely useful testing tool in defence, security, medical devices and media industries.

The latest version of the tool is enhanced with a number of features which improves the ease and effectiveness of automated testing. The newly added features are incorporation of an optical character recognition (OCR) engine which is run by ABBYY, script search and scripting advancements with Sense Talk and compatibility with Mac OS X Lion. The Chief Executive for TestPlant, George Mackintosh regarded software testing and creation as an essential, critical and challenging field that can be enhanced by adding smart automation tools wherever applicable. He added that software test engineers are greatly aided by intelligent automation tools, like the eggPlant. The efforts to sophisticate the eggPant were directed at addressing particular demands of the testing industry. Existing users of the eggPlant can easily upgrade to the latest version with their existing contracts. The OCR engine does not require any reconfiguration, it gets installed automatically.

Beta testing using OCR has shown promising results across industries such as mobile, defence, retail, healthcare, media and gaming. The latest version of eggPlant would be made available in August this year compatible with the Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. TestPlant has taken special care in reworking eggPlant to ensure continuity for its users.


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