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Health Robotics to Promote its Automated Systems in Seven New Countries

Health Robotics has declared that it has made a distribution contract with Newico and Apta Medica for providing reliable and cost-effective Intravenous Admixture Compounding Automation systems like CytoCare, i.v.STATION, and i.v.SOFT to seven new European countries including Bosnia, Croatia, Finland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Gaspar DeViedma Executive Vice President, Health Robotics has stated that the sponsorship made by them for various symposiums like EAHP and ISOPP and their robots’ effective performance at Mainz University Hospital, Catholic University of Louvain-St. Luc and Val d'Hebron University Hospital have helped their company to sustain its stifling momentum by widening their operations into 10 new nations of Europe. He expressed his excitement over working with Newico and Apta Medica in rapidly introducing their latest and innovative technologies in their regional market segment. He added that Newico’s personal experience with oral medication robotics serves as a perfect addition to their I.V. technology and the comprehensive delivery and service facilities within the Former Yugoslav Republics of Apta Medica confirms that Health Robotics can keep focusing on its major research areas by selectively collaborating with well-organized service organizations.

Aljosa Rojec, Apta Medica's General Manager was impressed with the latest development and quality assurance of Health Robotics as well as the efficiency of their robots. He said that the high-end software and latest technologies of Health Robotics have helped their pharmacy staff to focus on clinical research, patient care and to take up new tasks in the rapidly-changing pharmaceutical segment.

Cytocare robot enables sterile preparation of dangerous Intravenous Admixtures like Monoclonal antibody treatment, gene therapy, and chemotherapy in a protected environment. Presently, around 56 Cytocare robots have been installed in 17 nations. It has demonstrated its incomparable adaptability in multifarious pharmacy operations and branded IV consumables in four continents. Cytocare is the only robot to profoundly dominate the IV chemotherapy automation segment.

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