Harris Launches New RedHawk Robotic System at AUVSI 2012

Harris, a global IT and communications company showcases its new RedHawk system, effective for adoption in remotely disarming improvised explosive devices (IEDs) at the AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America conference from August 6-9, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Based on inputs from several unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) operators, RedHawk was designed to meet the most challenging missions of first responders and explosive ordnance disposal technicians. The intuitive haptic feedback of RedHawk has been adopted by operators for remotely “feeling” the objects while manipulating and disarming IEDs. Using RedHawk’s intuitive control and feedback, operators can have robotic manipulation similar to human with assured safely.. Haptic technology utilizes the sense of touch by the application of vibrations, forces or movements to the user.

The RedHawk portfolio encompasses an expandable, modular system of wireless haptic controllers, UGVs, precision manipulators, and other components that can be deployed for specific missions. The RedHawk MP-R serves as a bolt-on retrofit solution that can complement over 7,000 UGVs under field operation. Using advanced mobility platform, RedHawk AGS functions as highly-integrated UGV system.

According to the VP of Aerospace Systems at Harris Government Communications Systems, Bill Gattle, the haptic control technology of RedHawk minimizes operator workload, maintains forensic evidence, and generates intuitive feedback for operators. It enables operators to easily identify individual wire in an IED. Based on this innovative technology, the company envisions simple and effective stabilization of explosive devices for future missions.

Source: http://harris.com/

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