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Sentry View Systems Unveils Latest Remote Monitoring Solution

Sentry View Systems has declared the release of the SentryPOST, a completely integrated remote monitoring solution, ideal for inspecting any area from a safe location.

This system can be included in moving platforms, industrial grade poles or even on municipal poles that can be towed into place. This monitoring system can function with hydel and solar power generation, either as a major power supplier for off-grid systems or as a back up for the primary power for ensuring continuous monitoring operation even during temporary reduction of electric power or power failure circumstances.

SentryPOST can interact with a central controller by various methods. In the absence of optical fiber infrastructure, wireless system will be utilized for carrying out the inspection operations. The wireless solutions that are compatible with SentryPOST include mesh networks, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and WiFi. The wire-free network to be integrated can be developed either by the design process of SentryView or by any other company. It can also be the one which is already available in the inspection area. The IP interface provided by the surveillance system is highly simple and can be utilized on any IP broadcasting method suitable for the desired application.

SentryPOST technology was primarily designed to serve the U.S military clients for protecting their valuable resources. Nichols, CEO of Sentry View Systems, expressed his happiness in leveraging their reliable monitoring technology to serve law enforcement , commercial and military clients as well. The company has instigated a new program for choosing overseas suppliers and US vendors. According to Martin Erim, Business Development Director for Sentry View, the preliminary overseas inquiries are predominantly received from the Middle East.


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