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Volpara Receives FDA Approval for Automated Breast Imaging Software

Volpara, a subsidiary of Matakina Technology, has obtained the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the Volpara breast imaging software.

The Volpara software offers automatic volumetric analysis of breast tissue density by inspecting mammograms. Presently, Volpara software can be availed for GE digital and Hologic mammography systems. Other mammography systems are currently going through validation process.

Breast tissue density is closely connected to breast cancer risk. It also decreases  mammogram sensitivity, thereby inflicting a major impact on the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Several studies have revealed that 35 % of breast cancer cases were unidentified by mammography for women with dense breast tissues. The tumor cells are hidden by the dense breasts. Further, the thick breast tissue and the tumor both appear white in color on the mammogram.

Dr Ralph Highnam, CEO of Volpara, has stated that the new software would enhance the radiologists' perception of breast constitution as well as enable them to help patients in making correct screening decisions.

According to J. Yaffee, Professor of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, in future, the breast cancer risk can be minimized by reducing the breast density and the changes in the density of breast over a period of time can be monitored effectively by the Volpara breast imaging system, which can offer measurable reproducible information on the thickness of the breast tissue.


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