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NACDS Features Automatic Vial Filler from TCGRx

TCGRx, an industry leader in automation for various health care services, has declared the demonstration of an automatic vial filler (AVF) at the NACDS Pharmacy & Technology Conference in San Diego from August 28 to31.

With the help of the AVF, medication filling times can be significantly reduced by automated pre-counting and pre-performing instructions, thus facilitating hospital staff to concentrate on patient care.

automatic vial filler (AVF)

Duane Chudy, CEO of TCRGx stated that 30%-40% of high moving oral solid medication can be automated by AVF. Its design is so simple that it can be easily attached with TCG’s automated drug management system, Beacon, thereby providing a complete incorporated system that automates all processes in the pharmacy.

TCG's AVF also features an interactive and easy to use touch screen and software which enables the user to keep an exact record of the medication within the container. The software helps in filling an incomplete prescription while simultaneously maintaining the backorder till the stock medication is renewed.

In order to hold high volume or bulky medications, AVF has an accurate high speed dispensing unit which can assemble up to 12 canisters. Canisters can be standardized at the pharmacy during replacement of medications or during alteration of the National drug code (NDC), thereby bringing down canister turn-around time. It was reported that AVF can be used for filling 64, 70, 76, or 82 of the pharmacy’s fastest moving medications. Additionally, the product can remove cross-contamination for hyper- responsive drugs by including optional direct fill cells.

Its compact design measuring 2.5(L) X 2.3(W) X 2.6(H) feet enables the pliability of keeping the AVF anywhere in the pharmacy, even on a cart that stocks numerous bottles of medication.


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