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The Neato BotVac Robot Vacuum Easily Ventures Under Beds and Sofas

It’s a question that must be asked during spring cleaning season....when did you last vacuum under your bed? Needing to find an answer to that question and others, Neato Robotics conducted both an online survey and took to the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area to get the dirt on spring cleaning.

Under 4 inches high, the Neato BotVac (TM) robot vacuum easily ventures under beds and sofas to clean where other vacuums dare not go, picking up dust bunnies and whatever else is lurking under there. (Photo: Business Wire)

Neato found that braving the underside of a bed is not for the faint hearted. According to Neato’s online survey, almost 20% said they’d never undertaken the task, while another 18% said it had been between six months and a year.

“What’s under there?” asked Neato Robotics vice president of marketing Nancy Nunziati, who conducted in-person research while channeling June Cleaver and pushing a 1960’s Kirby upright vacuum, all captured in this video:

The answers: “Two year old food.” “Dust bunnies.” “All that dog hair that you didn’t think he was shedding.” “We don’t want to say!”

Perhaps part of the reason why the chore of vacuuming under the bed is so infrequently done is because of the effort required to move the bed or contort into uncomfortable positions to push an upright vacuum into the dark.

Enter the Neato robot vacuum. Under 4 inches high, the robot vacuum easily ventures under beds and sofas to clean where other vacuums dare not go. Using the company’s patented laser navigation technology, a Neato vacuum carefully maps a room to determine the best cleaning path and goes about its work. When the robot needs a battery charge, it returns to its base to power up, then goes right back to the place it left off to finish the job. More information about the Neato Robotics family of home robots can be found at

About Neato Robotics

Neato Robotics believes it is possible to create robots smart enough to perform household chores as intelligently and efficiently as a human. Neato is dedicated to improving consumers’ lives, allowing them to spend less time cleaning and more time with family and friends. Neato is driving innovation with products like the Neato Robot Vacuum that are smarter, more powerful, and more effective than anything previously seen on the market. For more information, visit


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