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Quadrant 4 Partners with RoboKind Robots to Release Social Robot for STEM Instruction

Quadrant 4 System Corporation (QFOR) ("Quadrant 4" or the "Company"), a technology company offering SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) based Exchange Solutions today releases Jett, the social robot for STEM instruction in collaboration with RoboKind Robots. Jett is a one-of-a-kind ROBOTS4STEM curriculum delivered by QFOR’s Education Exchange for K-12, EmpowerED Solutions.

RoboKind Robots is a leader in advanced social robotics and in collaboration with Quadrant 4, have developed the first curriculum that teaches standards-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through the RoboKind humanoid robots and their avatars. The new collaborative project, ROBOTS4STEM, allows students from elementary to high school to bring RoboKind's robots and avatars to life as they master computer science concepts and program the robot's physical movement and emotional responses - from the very basic to most complex of behaviors.

The curriculum, which Quadrant 4 is co-developing and marketing, delivers instructional material through its advanced instructional improvement platform, EmpowerED Solutions. Students learn at their own pace through a series of inquiry-based projects. The curriculum starts by introducing projects in Berkeley's block coding language, SNAP! (Formerly BYOB) which has been enhanced to communicate with Jett, RoboKind's social humanoid, and the centerpiece of the ROBOTS4STEM program. As the students' confidence and coding abilities increase, they are introduced to Jett's more complex systems through the Java programming language.

Fred Margolin, CEO of RoboKind explains, "ROBOTS4STEM is one more step toward fulfilling RoboKind's vision of leveraging the excitement and proven engagement that the interaction with humanoid robots sparks in children. ROBOTS4STEM is designed to fuel a wholesome and long-lasting interest by the child in science and technology while improving social and behavioral skills."

Dr. Nandu Thondavadi, CEO of Quadrant 4 stated, "We share Fred's and RoboKind's passion for supporting the whole child, whether it is in academic, health, social or cultural interactions. ROBOTS4STEM is the perfect vehicle for our organizations to collaborate and deliver an exciting and effective STEM curriculum powered by RoboKind's advanced social robotics and our own EmpowerED Solutions instructional platform."

To learn more about the new ROBOTS4STEM program, please visit

About RoboKind: RoboKind, the world leader in social robotics, designs and builds a series of robots that enable people to engage with robots on a personal level. Through the Robots4Autism and ROBOTS4STEM programs, RoboKind leverages these advanced social robots to supplement autism therapy, special education and STEM instruction. The programs use humanoid robots that feature life-like facial expressions, natural social interaction and comprehensive curriculum to assist educators and therapists in helping students learn and grow. For more information, visit

About Quadrant 4 System Corporation: Quadrant 4 System Corporation is a SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) technology company offering state-of-the art SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) based Exchange Solutions in Healthcare (QHIX), Education (QEDIX) and Media (QBLITZ). Quadrant 4's highly scalable vertical cloud platforms coupled with our Global Professional Services organization provide our clients with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Please visit for more information.


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