Table Top Robot Can be Configured to Multiple Systems

HighRes Biosolutions has launched the TCell, a table-top automation system. It is able to access instruments easily because the platform on which instruments are placed has been so designed. 

The platform is a triple axis device that lets instruments to be slid or moved almost off the table for easy access, making maintenance and repair work quicker and incident free.

Instruments can be stored under the table thus saving space while offering normal lab table height. The instruments are moved to the robot through holes in the table. It also features sliding doors that can be moved down or up, thus saving floor space. It makes the device safe and convenient to use. The sliding doors can be locked after use with inflatable gaskets. It is available in different enclosure and safety choices, including the BSL2, HEPA filtration, laminar flow, temperature and humidity control, and positive or negative pressure that can be configured in order to safeguard users, assays and cells during all applications.

The solution features Cromium Cr2, a life science robot powered by a harmonic drive gearing system. This system is precise, compact and light. Where a normal robot halts on contact with hurdles, this solution stops on sensing them. It has a 32-inch reach and vertical stroke. The high-resolution camera inside the no-touch sight-guided device records the precise 3D position of nests in the system. A servo gripper is able to handle instruments in both portrait and landscape formats.  It is controlled with Cellario flexible scheduling software.

It is modular and flexible and can be expanded with MicroDocks, an instrument docking station, allowing instruments to be replaced within seconds. It can be configured with larger table tops and multi-robotic systems. It was displayed January at the LabAutomation 2011 expo held in Palm Springs, CA.


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