WORX's New Robotic Lawnmower Mows Lawn Without Supervision

The WORX Landroid robotic mower handles lawn chores all season long. Credit: WORX

In 1830, the very first labor-intensive, cast-iron, push lawnmower was patented and since then no one would have even imagined that almost 200 years later robotic mowers like the new WORX Landroid would be used to manage the mowing task besides changing the landscape.

This modern robotic mower mows the lawn without any supervision and also knows when to avoid obstacles, mow, come in out of the rain, charge automatically, stop if picked up, and also sound an alarm if it encounters an attempted theft.

Unlike the neighborhood kid who mows the lawn, schedule permitting, Landroid can work around the clock. Once Landroid’s boundary wire is laid, the mower can be programmed to mow every Saturday at 9 a.m., or any other combination of days and times.

Brandon Martin, Product Manager, WORX

In the meantime, homeowners are free to go ahead with other DIY projects, go on vacation, and spend the day at the beach or local fair. They can forget about periodic maintenance, and they even need not worry about oil, gas, filter, air or spark plug.

It takes up to three to four hours for the initial setup. The homeowner walks the property and then marks the mower’s territory using a border wire, which is staked or buried onto the ground. The grass is strategically cut by Landroid within the perimeter of the boundary wire until the whole lawn is completed.

Landroid is specially designed so that it can cut up to a quarter acre (10,800 square feet) of lawn. Three hours is the estimated mowing time to cut 1,100 square feet. It takes 27 hours to cut a quarter acre, which can be managed over two or more days.

When an obstacle, such as a flower bed or tree, is encountered by Landroid, shock sensors stop its course and then redirect it away from the object. Artificial intelligence also allows the mower to navigate hard-to-reach areas and narrow passages. Slopes up to 20 degrees are climbed by the mowing vehicle.

Landroid has an inbuilt three-blade cutting system, which prevents the need to bag grass clippings. True to the WORX eco-friendly tradition, the fine clippings constantly fertilize the soil and enable the lawn to retain moisture. Additionally, the mower works quietly without disturbing neighbors because of its noise-reduction technology.

The rotation of the blades is instantly stopped by a sensor if the mower is lifted off the ground during operation. Another sensor shuts down the mower and goes back to its charging base when it rains. Landroid resumes mowing when the grass is dry enough.

The mower stops mowing and automatically returns to its charging base if the 28V lithium-ion battery needs to be charged. It takes almost 90 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Landroid is available with one-touch cutting-height adjustment with seven positions ranging from 1.6 to 4 inches.  The cutting width of the mower is 7 inches. Security-minded features comprise of an anti-theft alarm that sounds if the mower is picked while working and a PIN security code lock.

The Landroid M Robotic Mowing Vehicle (WG794, $1,399.99) can be obtained from specific Lowes retail outlets.

WORX Landroid

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