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Health Robotics 2011 Annual Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

Health Robotics’ 2011 Annual Scientific Advisory Board (SAC) Meeting was hosted by the company’s Research & Development Center in Trieste, Italy in collaboration with the Campus Biomedical University Hospital facilities situated in Rome.

Gaspar DeViedma, Executive VP of Health Robotics, stated that the SAC 2011 took place under the guidance of the company’s Chief Technical Officer, Fabio Fioravanti. He added that highlights of the SAC include the practical and peer-review meetings conducted on TPNstation, i.v.STATION ONCO, i.v.SOFT, i.v.STATION, and CytoCare. The SAC also comprised the scientific assessment of gravimetric control procedures, positive and negative pressure compartments for robotic IV compounding, cGMP and USP797 regulations, precision of QS doses, and cross-contamination prevention.

The role of the SAC is to give directions to the company to improve its research and development efforts to finish its innovative concept called the I.V. Room of the Future. This futuristic concept is built on a common operational and visual framework that enhances the overall understanding of the I.V. Medication requirements of the patients such as procedural structures, costs, quality, logistics, and clinical.

The SAC also assists in combining software automation tools with robotics in an optimized way to seal the gap between mounting patient volume/acuity and the inadequate availability of human resources in pharmacies. It will also help in keeping a track of I.V. Medications in real-time scenario following the routine discipline through check-points and/or visible steps that ensure the creation of audit trails as a by-product of the IV Admixture process, the implementation of important steps, and the following of quality processes.


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