Gumstix Introduces New TurtleCore Expansion Board for Mobile Robotic Development

Gumstix has recently unveiled the new, cost-effective expansion board, TurtleCore. Based on the iRobot Create Platform, robotic designers can effectively construct robots using the TurtleCore. Incorporation of Gumstix Overo or Overo STORM series COM with the TurtleCore expansion board, allows direct integration within the iRobot Create without requiring a netbook for operating the interface with camera input or the mobile robot.

The new TurtleCore(TM) expansion board from Gumstix, Inc. snaps into an iRobot Create(R) cargo bay to power an Overo or Overo STORM COM. (PRNewsFoto/Gumstix, Inc.)

According to the President and CEO of Gumstix, W. Gordon Kruberg, M.D., the iRobot Create serves to be a unique platform for mobile robotics. The expansion boards as well as small COMs are suitable for the Create's unique form factor. The Create safely houses the Robotic Operating System and serves as a power source for the same, offers versatility to roboticists. This new compact and cost-effective package ensures high performance of robots.

The TurtleCore expansion board is directly integrated to the Create via DB25 port, through which an Overo COM can be both powered and controlled. Three USB 2.0 Ports have been included in this fully functional computer. In addition, it also includes a form factor that has been specifically designed for the Create.

The TurtleCore expansion board provides a range of features to Create developers. Some of its benefits have been listed below:

  • The addition of sensors and actuators can be simplified by the Gumstix COM as well as by two breakout headers and three USB ports for useful signals from the Create. Standoffs and screws ensure secure mounting.
  • The cargo bay of an iRobot Create Programmable Robot accommodates the operating system as well as sensors, a bigger battery, or any extra COMs.
  • The Create powers the COM. It includes only a single battery to charge. Maximum range can be achieved through the inherent low power necessity of Overo and Overo STORM COMs combined with Create power system’s software control.


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