Schilling Robotics to Deliver Remote Operated Systems to DOF Subsea

Schilling Robotics, a global provider of deep-ocean robotic systems, has obtained a purchase order from DOF Subsea for two Ultra Heavy Duty (UHD) Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems with 200 hp power pack options.

The delivery of these high-end UHDs along with the 4,000 meter rated UHDs is expected to begin by the end of this year. Additionally, Schilling will promote the previously supplied two UHDs to the advanced UHD Gen II standards for improving their consistency and efficiency.


The procurement order reveals the sustained dedication between the two companies in adopting the latest and highly efficient ROV systems. Schilling utilized its expertise in the areas of remote monitoring, high-end automated piloting and distinct power handling system for incorporating various advanced features like enhanced operational stability and accurate control into these UHDs. With the help of integrated sub-systems, these ROVs minimize complications. Also the UHDs can be procured and maintained at an affordable price.

It was reported that Schilling will provide an extensive customer support in all main offshore oil and gas locations in the world, thereby assisting the DOF Subsea to dominate the international market. Tyler Schilling, CEO, Schilling Robotics, expressed his pleasure over being selected by DOF Subsea for upgrading their fleet. He added that their current focus on delivering the heavy duty ROVs linked with their widespread customer assistance can provide assured success for their clients.


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