Quhuo Partners With Baidu to Gain Access to Recently Launched ERNIE Bot

Quhuo Limited QH ("Quhuo" or the "Company"), a leading gig economy platform focusing on local life services in China, announced a partnership with Baidu on April 24 to gain access to their recently unveiled ERNIE Bot, a new-generation large language model (LLM).

 Quhuo will soon have full access to the massive capabilities of ERNIE Bot, which can interpret human languages and deliver accurate, logical, and fluent responses almost on a par with humans. This strategic collaboration marks Quhuo's commitment to harnessing cutting-edge AI technology that can empower multiple business scenarios including front, middle, and back-office functions, while continuing to innovate based on its existing technology solutions.

ERNIE Bot is a generative AI product introduced by Baidu based on its Big model ERNIE family. The company has been developing its artificial intelligence capabilities for over ten years and has developed an industrial-grade, knowledge-enhanced Big Model ERNIE with cross-modal and cross-linguistic deep semantic understanding and generation capabilities, designed to facilitate intelligent transformations across various industries such as finance, energy, media, and public affairs.

Mr. Pan Fan, CTO of Quhuo, commented, "In recent years, the rapid development of technologies such as deep learning and natural language processing has enabled AI technology to be widely used in many fields. As CTO, it is imperative to keep up with the development of AI technology and through this cooperation with Baidu's ERNIE Bot, we expect to be better positioned to apply AI technology to process a large amount of data and information that previously required manual processing, improve the intelligence and automation of our business, and provide multi-product support. We will continue to closely follow the development of AI and explore more application scenarios to enhance momentum and opportunities for Quhuo's development."

Powering up Quhuo's Products, Front- and Back-end Business Functions with ERNIE Bot

By implementing Baidu's ERNIE Bot, Quhuo+ and SaaS technology, Quhuo will be better placed to serve and empower localized life service providers in China. Through this cooperation, Quhuo will access ERNIE Bot's semantic computing technology and intelligent dialogue engine to improve front-end business efficiency by providing personalized assistants to complete tasks that previously required manual input thereby providing customers with a more intelligent service experience. Specifically, Quhuo will utilize ERNIE Bot's memory mechanisms, contextual understanding, and dialogue planning abilities to improve the customer service level of its front-end Chengtu homestay business by connecting with customers in a timely manner to solve issues they may have.

Quhuo will also use artificial intelligence to support middle and back-end business functions, including business review support, data support and predictive analysis. The Company will empower administrative departments to improve the efficiency of their routine work, complete data and report generation, preparation and review, as well as low-code generation and development of middle and back-end systems.

By integrating the capability of ERNIE Bot into Quhuo's products, more personalized services can be provided, while simultaneously bringing users a more efficient and convenient experience. The application of AI technology is expected to help Quhuo to process a large amount of data and information and provide accurate analysis and prediction, realize business automation and intelligence, and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Leslie Yu, Quhuo CEO said, "Technology optimizes efficiency. It is crystal clear to us that AI technology is integral to Quhuo's future development hence we have already been testing AI technology for online communication with workers and operations to improve communication efficiency. In this context, we firmly believe the introduction of Baidu's ERNIE Bot will further enhance Quhuo's technical capability to realize multi-scenario business intelligence. We expect that the addition of ERNIE Bot will complement and remold Quhuo's technology in the future."

Source: https://ir.quhuo.cn/

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