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Lukoil Reviews its Automated Monitoring Systems at Yu. Korchagin Offshore Complex

Lukoil has analyzed its automated monitoring systems, which were installed at the Yu. Korchagin offshore complex located in the north Caspian Sea. This review of the systems was issued after the first year of service was over.

The installed automated systems of Lukoil offer remote monitoring of several operations like leak identification, inspection of oil pipeline’s liquid level, functional dispatch control and monitoring of environment. The company has also included another system for maintaining and repairing machinery. All data of these systems will be transferred to Lukoil-Nizhnevolzhskneft, remote operations and three –dimensional  visualization center.

The Lukoil-Nizhnevolzhskneft center is one of the situational assessing centers convened by Lukoil to assess geophysical, geological and other vital information from all its Russia-based oil fields. This is performed by means of three-dimensional creation models. The center receives more than 20,000 technological factors online through a secured satellite means and all the engineering methods are automatically controlled by the center.

In case of any crisis conditions or variations in the functional methods of the machinery, the automated system of the operational dispatch control sends alerts for quick rectification.

Lukoil has mentioned that the automated monitoring systems have enhanced the security and quality of its offshore ventures. Several protective steps have been made to circumvent crisis situations. Additional procedures have been included to observe the functioning of contracting centers involved in constructing oil wells and in developing field infrastructure.


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