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T+D Releases RTR-500AW for Remote Monitoring Applications

T&D has launched RTR-500AW, a wire-free LAN with Data Collector, ideal for Wireless Data Loggers. It can be used as a Wireless Base Unit with all versions of RTR-500 Series Data Loggers as Remote Units.

Readings obtained from the remote devices are accurately supervised and downloaded by the RTR-500AW through a 900MHz wire-free connection. It then transfers the information through an 802.11g Wi-Fi link and provides it to the user by directly transferring the data to an ftp server through online or email by means of free WebStorage Service. This enables data collection without the requirement of a PC and also facilitates sharing and handling information through a network.

The RTR-500AW can even transmit caution reports through e-mail. Such reports will be sent through contact output whenever a remote device has entered or recovered from a warning status. The wireless LAN complies with the free "WebStorage Service" of the company, enabling users to save the downloaded information, screening of the present monitoring readings and also keeping a track of the battery levels in all Remote Units. All these tasks can be performed from a remote location through a web browser.


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