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AVR-2000 Vacuum Transport Systems from Genmark Automation, Inc.

A member of the vacuum family of transport systems, the AVR-2000 provides highly precise, and reliable transportation in ultra-clean, high-vacuum processing environment. Special kinematics and motion transmitting design guarantee fast motion of the arm, zero backlash, and robustness against excessive external forces, applied to the links. Advanced motion coordination over multi-segment trajectories with overlapping velocity profiles guarantees smooth and effective material transfer. The AVR-2000 has 0.5" vertical travel and is available with various end-effector options, allowing the robot to transport a wide array of wafers, photo-masks, FPD's over an extended radial reach.


  • Ultra High Vacuum compatible (to 10E-10 Torr)
  • Less than class 1 clean room compatible
  • DSP-based motion control for fast, vibration free material transport

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