MiniMax™ System Equipment Front End Module from Genmark Automation, Inc.

Genmark Automation’s MiniMax™ system Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) is designed to interface with various semiconductor processing equipment and back-end systems. Ranging in size, based on the number of BOLTS interfaces, a MiniMax™ can be customized to meet any system and application requirements. It can be interfaced with a complete line of Genmark Automation’s wafer and reticle handling equipment, including single or dual arm robots, prealigners, FOUP openers, FOSB openers and reticle libraries, as well as any other customer specified equipment. The operation of a MiniMax™ and the interfaced equipment can be controlled either by Genmark’s Automation software or by customer-supplied software.

Additionally, the minienvironment also features the latest monitoring system. Each MiniMax is also designed to allow for bay wall or ballroom installations. Designed in compliance with SEMI and SEMATECH standards and guidelines, a MiniMax™ provides a Class 1 minienvironment suitable for all applications.


  • Automatic pressure control system adjusts fan speed to maintain pressure set-points through changes in surrounding pressures.
  • Integrated controls and monitoring system
  • Fan-filter unit with VFD controlled impeller and PTFE media filter.
  • Integral lighting.
  • Installation, certification, and balance to SEMI E-44-96.
  • SEMI S2-93A, S6-93 compliant.
  • CFD model available upon request

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