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GB4S Wafer Transport Robot from Genmark Automation, Inc.

The Gencobot 4S (GB4S) is a high precision wafer handling robot that offers superior performance at an affordable price. Identical in size to Genmark Automation's popular GB4 Robot, the GB4S features many design enhancements that result in improved robot performance and reliability. Engineered for single or dual wafer transport, the GB4S robot is available in various reach and vertical stroke combinations. Genmark Automation's GB4S Robot used in conjunction with the RPA-0 Remote Pre-aligner, provides a highly accurate, highly repeatable pre-alignment and transport system at a very competitive package price for a variety of wafers and photomasks.


  • Fast, accurate, repeatable transportation of wafers, and photomasks
  • Extended reach and vertical travel combination
  • Extended rotation motion range
  • DSP-based motion controller for vibration- free wafer transport
  • Multi-segment continuous path control
  • Optional scanning feature with fast and slow scanning mode

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