GPR™ Vacuum Elevator from Genmark Automation, Inc.

The GPR™ Vacuum Elevator provides accurate, HV-compatible wafer indexing in vacuum processing capital equipment. The GPR™ Vacuum Elevators feature Genmark Automation’s breakthrough GPR™ technology, allowing a tilt of up to 1.5 degrees of the lifting platform. The GPR™ Vacuum Elevator provides vertical indexing with 16" [406 mm] travel, and it is capable to lift a load of up to 50 lb. Elevator translational mechanism is isolated from the atmospheric environment by using Ferrofluidic and magnetically-coupled seals.


  • Precise, high-resolution wafer indexing
  • Cost-effective, seamless integration with the Genmark Automation Vacuum Robots
  • HV-compatible – up to 10-8 torr
  • Patented GPR technology

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