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ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC

ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC

ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC enables users to program both the VEX Cortex Microcontroller or the VEX PIC Microcontroller V0.5 using the same application. The skills that students learn when they program using ROBOTC easily transition to skills used by professional engineers and computer scientists; ROBOTC has the same form and feel as the tools used by professionals.

  • Uses the industry standard C-programming language.
  • Modern Windows GUI with standard visual interface with smart indenting, automatic code competition and a tabbed interface.
  • Fully integrated software debugger allowing users to step line by line through program execution and be able to analyze the values of all variables and interpret real time states of all motors and sensors.
  • Over 100 Sample Programs with extensive documentation enabling students to begin programming immediately.
  • Free webinars, video tutorials, community forums, detailed help files, and curriculum provided by Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy.

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