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V-REP Demonstration on Robotic Simulation

V-REP is a robot simulator with a range of functions, features and APIs. The robot simulator V-REP, with integrated development environment, is based on a distributed control architecture: each object/model can be individually controlled via an embedded script, a plugin, a ROS node, a remote API client, or a custom solution. This makes V-REP very versatile and ideal for multi-robot applications. Controllers can be written in C/C++, Python, Java, Lua, Matlab or Urbi.

Run time - 4:35 minutes.

Robotics Simulator: V-REP Demo Video December 2011

V-REP is used for fast algorithm development, factory automation simulations, fast prototyping, and verification, robotics-related education, remote monitoring, safety double-checking, etc.

Following are V-REP's main features:

  • Cross-platform
  • 5 programming approaches (embedded scripts, plugins, ROS nodes, remote API clients, or custom solutions)
  • 6 programming languages (C/C++, Python, Java, Lua, Matlab, and Urbi)
  • more than 300 different API functions
  • 100 ROS services, 30 ROS publisher types, 25 ROS subscriber types, extendable
  • 2 physics engines (ODE and Bullet)
  • Full kinematics solver (IK and FK for ANY mechanisms)
  • Mesh-mesh interference detection
  • Mesh-mesh minimum distance calculation
  • Path planning (holonomic in 2-6 dimensions, non-holonomic for car-like vehicles)
  • Vision sensors with built-in image processing (fully extendable)
  • Realistic proximity sensors (minimum distance calculation within a detection volume)
  • Built-in custom user interfaces, including editor
  • Fully integrated Reflexxes Motion Library type 4
  • Surface cutting simulation
  • Data recording and visualisation (time graphs, X/Y graph or 3D curves)
  • Integrated shape edit modes, including a semi-automatic primitive shape extraction method
  • Dynamic particles for water-/air-jet simulation
  • Model browser with drag-and-drop functionality (also during simulation)
  • Multi-level undo/redo, movie recorder, simulation of paint, exhaustive documentation, etc.


CAD models shown in the video are courtesy of:

  • Lyall Randell
  • Eric Rohmer
  • Mey Lean Kronemann
  • Ryuichi Hodoshima
  • Hironori Itou
  • [email protected]
  • Theo Jansen
  • EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne)
  • Hirose-Fukushima lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Hibot corporation
  • K-Team corporation
  • Cubictek corporation
  • NT Research corporation
  • ONO-DENKI CO.,LTD. Japan
  • Kuka corporation
  • Neuronics AG
  • ABB Robotics. ABB Robotics has however no link of any kind with V-REP
  • Barrett Technology inc.

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