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ABB Provides Power Factor Correction to Wellington Cable Car with PCS100 RPC

This video reveals how the PCS100 RPC (reactive power conditioner), available from ABB, improves the power quality of the Wellington cable car system in New Zealand. The system reduces the risk of resonance problems, prevents costly outcomes due to poor factor or harmonics, ensures correct functioning of rectifier loads by fixing voltage unbalance, and lowers maintenance costs.

ETH Zurich present quadrocopters cooperatively tossing and catching a ball

Recent developments by researchers at ETH Zurich present three quadrocopters working in co-operation to toss and catch a ball using an elastic net.

V-REP Simulation of Worm-like Robot

This video shows a worm-like robot simulated in V-REP. The robot is composed by 49 segments and 48 active joints.

V-REP: Simulation of YouBot Robot for Problem Solving

In this simulation a YouBot robot solves the problem of the tower of Hanoi (using cubes instead of discs however).

V-REP: Simulation of Industrial Robots Using a Wiimote Device

This video shows how a simulated industrial robot is controlled via a Wiimote device.

V-REP: Snake Robot Simulation

This video shows V-REP simulating the ACM-R5H snake-like robot.

V-REP: Simulation of Ant-Like Hexapod Robotic Systems

The video by V-REP shows an ant-like robot walking. The whole control of the robot (as seen in this video) requires less than 200 lines of code, everything included.

Simulation Technology to Demonstrate Chess and Tic Tac Toe Playing Robotics by V-REP

This video shows an ABB IRB360 robot playing chess and Tic Tac Toe with three other robots. All 4 robots use image processing (blob detection) to track their opponent's moves.

V-REP: Robotic Simulation to Demonstrate Pick-and-Place Tasks of Coloured Shapes

This video shows two ABB IRB360 robots that perform a pick-and-place task of colored shapes.

V-REP Demonstration on Robotic Simulation

V-REP is a robot simulator with a range of functions, features, and APIs.

V-REP: Simulation of a Power Line Inspection Robot

This video shows V-REP simulating the Expliner robot.

V-REP: Katana Robotic System Simulation Exercise

This video demonstrates the simulation of the Katana robot equipped with a paint nozzle. The paint nozzle disperses color with a gradient (center of the jet slightly brighter). All parameters can be fully customized (color, gradient, dispersion area, density, etc.).

V-REP: ABB Simulation of 3 Robots Working Together

This simulation in V-REP runs without a single line of code. It should be noted that the variations displayed in the pin-cans minimum distance graphs are mainly due to the polygonal nature of the can models.

V-REP: Simulation of a Pipe Inspection Robot

This video shows the simulation of PipeTron, a pipe inspection robot.

V-REP: Simulation of Milling Robotics

This video demonstrates the inverse kinematics functionality, the "path" functionality and the "cutting" functionality of V-REP.

V-REP: Example of Holonomic Path Planning

This video shows two example simulations that use V-REP's path planning calculation module. It allows to define and solve holonomic tasks in 2-6 dimensions, and non-holonomic tasks for car-like vehicles.

V-REP: Object Tracking to Demonstrate Vision Sensor Functionality

This video shows several functionality of V-REP, but the focus is on the vision sensor functionality: in V-REP a vision sensor is similar to a camera, but many parameters can be adjusted (resolution, what objects are seen, etc.) and filters can be applied: V-REP offers more than 30 built-in filter components that can be combined in any way and that allow processing a vision sensor's image, and extracting useful information (e.g. center of gravity of a color patch, orientation, etc.).

V-REP: Reflexxes Motion Library Demonstration

This video demonstrates the Reflexxes Motion Library type IV, that is integrated in V-REP and fully functional.

ABB’s PCS100 AVC Reduces Production Downtime at Takanini Facility

This video displays how the power protection solution from ABB has saved Fonterra’s time and money by reducing the production downtime at its Takanini milk production facility located in Auckland, New Zealand.